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Joshua Sunil Gokavi

Emmanuel Hospital Association, Executive Director

Dr. Joshua Sunil Gokavi, MBBS, MS, CMC Vellore

I grew up in the city of Bangalore in South India, living in the campus of a well known Christian English school where my father was the principal. I was fortunate to be part of a vibrant church with plenty of opportunity for the youth in terms of music, bible study, camps, fellowships and the like. The church also sponsored a fair number of missionaries to very rural parts of the country, who periodically gave reports of the work they were involved with, whether in church planting, bible translation or medical ministry.


YEAR SUMMARY (2017-2018)

People gained access to health care through hospital out-patient services.
People including women and children, benefited from projects improving health and wellbeing.
People learnt how to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, and other communicable diseases.
People received appropriate health care and treatment through in- patient services.
Families received help to start and sustain small businesses.
Families received aid to improve their crops and protect natural resources, creating sustainable solutions to hunger.
Women in rural communities received safe, hospital-based maternity care, and had safe deliveries.
People were helped in disaster situations with food, water, sanitary services, and medical care.
People gained access to safe water and sanitation.
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