The pandemic

This pandemic is threatening to flood our Hospitals with corona infected patients and surrounding villages with corona affected poor, marginalised and daily wage labourers. Our healthcare providers are at high risk of getting Covid19 as they continue to fight in the frontline. Also, our community health staff, who are distributing food ration and are promoting preventive measures to stop the spread are also at risk of contracting the disease.

Our Response

EHA has willingly opened its Hospitals to provide curative measures such as intensive care, supportive care and isolation wards for patients. EHA is also providing cooked food, dry ration and counselling to those in communities who have lost their jobs and are unable to access food and essential items to sustain themselves.

Your Initiative

It is at this juncture that we seek your generous donation to support our work. Given below are details for your consideration. Your support, donation, contribution and prayer will help fight Coivd19 and together we can win the battle. EHA through its 19 hospitals is working in partnership with government and other stakeholders.Let us together fight this battle as we continue to abide by the govt. advisory.


Donation Kits (more info)