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Chinchpada Christian Hospital

Chinchpada Christian Hospital was started in 1942 by Dr. Klokke of Evangelical Alliances, to provide clinical care to the Bhil tribal community in the region. It is located in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, and currently provides healthcare services to the predominantly tribal population in the surrounding villages. The 50 beds hospital is known for its low cost and good quality health care and attracts many referred patients for surgeries and maternity services. Some of the regular patients even travel for 200 Kms to access care here. The hospital services include Surgical, Medical, X-Ray & Lab, Obstetric, Paediatrics, and orthopaedics.

REPORT 2015 - 16

The removal of an aspirated seed from a 1 year old child’s trachea with borrowed equipment was the highlight of the year for Chinchpada Christian Hospital.It has been a challenge in so many ways but we praise God for His faithfulness. The donation of the ventilator which has helped so many on the brink of death is a great tribute to Dr George Ani who passed away in a tragic accident. The services have picked up with OPD averaging 35-40 patients and inpatient occupancy at 50% on an average, up from 13% the previous year. 21 patients have been included in the home based care program for Palliative care. Many people and families suffering from Cancer, Alcohol Addiction, and renal failure are being followed up. We praise God for all units who have generously given for this work. Sheep Fellowship in Vellore which has been generously supporting the work month on month needs special mention, and the many friends who have given selflessly. The Lord has provided miraculously. Several doors which seemed to be slammed on our face have opened, many mountains removed, and the paths made straight for us.

As we look forward to the coming year we pray that God would enable His workers in the central region to be strong, to be committed, and work for the enhancement of the Gospel of Christ. Let us pray that there will be greater commitment to fellowship and caring for each other which will lead to our lives, our families, our hospitals and our communities being transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ.


Hospital Contact Details

Dr. Deepak S. Singh, MS/SAO
Chinchpada, Taluka Navapur,
Nandurbar District,
Maharashtra - 425 417
PHONE: 02569-243226
MOBILE: 07030163778



Visitor Information

How to get there:
Travel by train from Delhi to Surat by Rajdhani Express then 4 hours by jeep
Fly to Surat then 4 hours by jeep to Chinchpada.

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