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3 days national level workshop for hospital leaders

Topic: Challenges Confronting Healthcare Institutions

Date: 24th to 26th August 2017 (02pm to 02pm)

Jointly organized by Christian Medical Association of India and Emmanuel Hospital Association

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Globally, CEOs of hospitals are constantly facing the threshold of various challenges over time. Financial challenges rank top followed by government mandates (regulatory & policy changes), patient safety and quality. Other issues like shortages of trained personnel, patient satisfaction, access to care, physician-hospital relations, population health management, technology and restructuring (merger/closure) are critical concerns.

Additionally, increasing events of disasters has been a growing cause of concern across the South Asian Region. 2015 Nepal earthquake destroyed 446 and partially damaged 701 public health facilities along with 64 private health establishments. More than 500 hospitals and clinics were damaged and destroyed in flood-affected areas of Pakistan, while on scores of health facilities were damaged by Haiti's earthquake in the year 2010. The Kashmir & Chennai floods in 2014 and 2015 respectively, heavily damaged health infrastructure affecting many lives, leaving a historic impact. Such damage restricts the ability in delivering health care.

The workshop would attempt to draw a road map through various deliberations from prominent leaders, experts and delegates from the field of medical, legal, finance, disaster management etc. from the government, voluntary organizations, corporate and international organizations, drawn from across India.    

Workshop objectives

  • To discuss the growing challenges confronting healthcare institutions
  • To highlight critical areas to develop a road map


  • Hospital CEOs, administrators, medical superintendents, nursing superintendents
  • Senior management level officials – heads of departments
  • Thematic experts – medical, management, law, finance, disaster, structural etc.


Residential delegates –

  1. CMAI Members INR. 4000/-
  2. Others INR. 4500/-

Local delegates –

  1. CMAI Members INR. 1000/-
  2. Others INR. 1500/-  

Certificate would be awarded to all delegates

Workshop Secretariat-

Margaret. 011-3085 7806.  8447875581.      or



Mrs. Elsy John. Secretary, Administrators Section.


Direct: 97413 36277

Mr. Peniel Malakar, Head, EHA-DMMU.


Direct: 9818637612  or



*Organizations initially discussed and agreed. Awaiting confirmation as speakers/panellists.

Inaugural program (EHA)

Session I: 02.00pm – 06.00pm

1. Protecting Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities before Disasters Saves Lives. Chair-CMAI* 20

  1. National Guidelines on Hospital Safety 2015 – NDMA*. 30
  2. HDPR – EHA modules & Nepal Experience. 30 EHA; TLMTI*; TLMN*
  3. Developing hospital emergency response plans (Fire safety – A case study on the SUM hospital inferno. CMAI* 20
    Structural safety - Decoding the National Building Code (highlights). GHS 30
    Emergency Exercises – An essential elements in hospital preparedness; Motihari experience ADPC* 30)
  4. Open discussion: Panel of experts. (NDMA; GHS; SJMC; SSH; TLMTI; ADPC; CMAI; EHA;) 30
  5. Take away – Chair. 10

Session II: 09.00am – 01.00pm

2. Challenges confronting healthcare institutions with regulatory & policy changes. Chair-CHAI. 20

  1. Exercise with EHA ERP framework. 30
  2. Work place safety (-Case study. PNF 20 -PSHW Act 2013 CCH 30 )
  3. Healthcare standards & regulations – NABH. BCH-EHA 30
  4. Increasing challenges in healthcare manpower. CMAI 30
  5. Challenges in mobilizing medical emergency personnel. SJMC. 20
  6. Open discussion: Chair. Panel of experts (CHAI; TLM; CMAI; CCH; SJMC; BCH; SSH; FMSF;) 30
  7. Take away – Chair. 10

Session III: 02.00pm – 06.00pm

3. ‘Straddling the fence’ – changes and challenges. Chair- BBH 20

  1. The transition from volume-based to value-based healthcare. CHAI. 30
  2. Financial Management & Compliances. FMSF. 30
  3. Antimicrobial Resistance. WHO. 30
  4. Open discussion: Chair. Panels of experts (BBH; CHAI; FMSF; WHO; SSH; CMAI; EHA;) 30
  5. Healthcare Emergency Alliance (Project-HEAL)– An initiative in South Asian Region. 30 Case study on Jammu & Kashmir Flood Relief 2014. CMCL. 10
  6. Collaboration & partnership for improving health emergency response in the region. WHO. 30
  7. Take away – Chair. 10

Session IV: 09.00am – 01.00pm

4. The Road map. Chair*. 30

  1. Summing up the sessions (by all Chairs of session 1, 2 & 3 including technical session) (CMAI; CHAI; BBH; EHA; ) 40
  2. Open discussion: Session open for delegates to bring in other emerging issues. CMAI & EHA. 30
  3. Drawing a road map – way ahead (Chair) 30
  4. Saline Solution – introduction. SS 20
  5. A decade in disaster management – EHA’s journey since 2006. EHA-DMMU. 20

Valedictory program (CMAI)