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Community Based Rehabilitation Workshop 2017 - Report

The Community based Rehabilitation workshop is a time for all those who work in disability projects in EHA to look back and reflect on the journey they have taken over the last year. It is also mainly a time to learn from others about the strategies that have worked for them and those that have not.

The CBR workshop was conducted between the 22nd to the 24th of February, 2017. It was conducted in the Christian Retreat Center, Dehradun. The community projects of the EHA hospitals in Rauxal, Satbarwa, Mussorie, Herbertpur, Fatehpur and two local NGOs from Dehradun were involved.

The topics for this year’s workshop were:

  1. Dealing with sexual issues in children/adults with disability.
  2. Life stage curriculum.
    1. Gross motor
    2. Fine motor
    3. Cognitive
    4. Social-emotional development
    5. Teaching reading to children
    6. Teaching phonetics to children

The therapists had a separate session as well.  This was an interesting session where there was learning at both ends where each understood the context from which the other spoke.

The time spent during the evenings was filled with fun and good food that was provided. New friendships were made. It was decided that the next year’s CBR workshop would be held in Raxaul, Bihar.