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Inclusion of person with disability into School Management committee as decision maker

Through CBID(community based Inclusive development) project in Jaunpur, an awareness was created in school amongst parents and teachers through a Gov. Primary School in Syalsi. During these visits, the school teachers were made aware of the Disabled people’s rights and the PWD Act 2016, they can now help any disabled child or their parent through CBID and SAMVEDNA project.

A School Management Committee was then formed; the school Principal has put up Mr. Rakesh Das the father of Rangeeli a CWD as the head of this committee. The head also being a parent of a CWD, is actively participating and leading many more into raising voice for the disabled and related issues. This change was possible through the hard labors of CBID and SAMVEDNA project, we aim to make many more changes in future through training teachers and parents in the school and communities through gram panchayat.

Social acceptance and living independently:

Name – Vicky
Age - 10yrs
Diagnosis - Mental Retardation
Fathers Name - Sohan Lal
Village - Khyarsi

5 years before the commencement of the SAMVEDNA project in Jaunpur, Vicky a child was identified with Early Intervention through assessments, with regular visits for therapy and IEP goals he slowly became independent in his ADLS. Taking his bad health and weakness in hand his parents didn’t enrol him in any school, after much persistence he was finally sent to the Community learning Centre run by the project in the village, here the project staff worked regularly on his IEP goals and ADLS care plans. With great improvement he finally learnt some basic activities for daily living and could be much more independent from the concerns of his family. 

Vicky who was bed ridden before and totally dependent on his parents can now ask for food and eat, go to the washroom, walk and climb the stairs. With the continuous support of the project and the staff, Vicky is in a much better state.

Mina’s story:

In Buragaon-Chapori Lokhra, live Prakash and Swagi Topno with their 6 children, Mina Topno their 7-year-old daughter suffers with Cerebral palsy- Spastic Quadriplegia. Swagi couldn’t have any antenatal check-ups when she was pregnant with Mina, her husband Prakash a chronic alcoholic resort to physical abuse when drunk. Once while she was nearing the end of her pregnancy with Mina, Prakash beat her terribly that she was in pain for a long time and delivered Mina herself in her home shortly after the incident, she couldn’t get any medical attention.

Mina was unable to walk and her cognition was impaired, after being identified by the CBR team in March 2016, her OT and PT assessments were done as her family was counselled about her disability and her regular therapies. Her legs were casted in March which was removed in May, she was selected for ankle foot orthotics from Jaipur foot, in June she was taken to Guwahati for its measurements and the AFO was provided. Her mother is very grateful to the CBR team for their intervention; she has now learnt to give proper care to Mina and has become a regular member of Disabled people’s organization. In September, Mina was identified by Motivation India to receive a Motigo Wheel Chair which she received in December on World Disability day; she now uses it happily to move around. She’s learning to read the alphabets and numbers and recognize fruits and vegetables; she also tries to improve herself in the daily activities, speaks some adivasi and plays simple games. She can sit cross legged for longer periods without support, her grasp is improving, she walks and stands with support and she can shift sideways. Her mother and her elder siblings manage to earn enough to take her to the therapies.