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Story: Opening of Public Health Centre (PHC) –Nandpura community, Agra

An article came in the newspaper that central government has passed an order to open at least one Health Centre in communities having population around 10,000.

CBO after reading the article started discussing about the existing need of a Public Health Centre in their respective community and expressed their urgency explaining the problems which are faced by the residents, many pregnant women also shared, that a lot of inconvenience has to be faced by them as they have to travel certain kilometers for their check-ups.


Community CBO group writing an application to get it signed by the Parshad


After two months CBO members again wrote and signed an application to the District Magistrate in concern of the PHC.

CBO members waiting for the District Magistrate

CBO showing their application to DM


Finally action was taken and after few months Public Health Centre (PHC) was introduced in the community.