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  • Are you looking for an opportunity to serve?

  • Do you want to use your professional skills?

  • Do you want to learn and grow in your professional skills and in your faith in Christ?

  • Do you want to experience living and working in the two-thirds world?

  • Do you want to see what God is doing in India?

Did you answer yes to two or more of these? - Then read on – you may be just the sort of person we are looking for.

EHA’s International Volunteers Program places volunteers from around the world in EHA hospitals and Community based Projects in India. We welcome Christian medical and healthcare workers who want to be involved in short-term or long-term in our hospitals.

Short-term Opportunities: Placement is for 3-6 months
Do you have between 3 and 6 months to spare? Do you want to make a difference in your life and the lives of others with that time? If so, being an EHA General Volunteer may be what you are looking for. We place 2 categories of General Volunteers:

Professionals: Medical, Paramedical, Education, Public Health Workers and Administrative.

Non – professionals: Anyone with a heart to serve can be used. Just let us know what you can do and we will try and find a place to use those skills.

Long-term Opportunities: Placement between 6months-2 years (can be mutually extended)
Volunteers who wish to serve for a longer term (between 6 months to 2 years) can be placed as International Staff. As staff you will live and work alongside EHA national staff, contributing your skills to enable EHA to fulfil our vision of being a “Fellowship for Transformation through Caring”.

For long term we would prefer to have 'Professionals' as stated above. We will sign a contract letter with the long term volunteer on the specific period of stay, job contents and terms of placement.

Age limit: All volunteers coming to work with EHA shall not be more than 65 years of age and the lower age limit will be 21 years. However, approval of applications for all those who fall within this age bracket will be discretionary'.

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To Apply please complete our volunteer application form and send it to volunteers@eha-health.org

Download Medical Electives Form HERE