State Training and Resource Centre

The 3rd phase of EHA-STRC (Manipur and Nagaland) came into operation on 1st of October 2014 after a gap of 13 months. The signing of contract with NACO, Manipur SACS and Nagaland SACS was completed in the month of August 2014 and due processes for recruitment of staff started from last week of August and was completed by September.

  • Update on the various activities carried out by the EHA-STRC staff in both the stated included (1)Training of staff (2) Academic Committee meetings in both states to discuss and approve training programs (3) Meeting with state AIDS Socieities in both states for coordination of training (4) Training Needs Assessement (5) Conduct Trainings (6) Training Impact Assessement (7) Conduct Operational Research (8) Maintain website and share learnings
  • In Nagaland, 163 trainings were conducted on various topics like Program Management, Truckers and Migrants Programs, Accounts and Mangement of Information System, Counselling. The trainees included various categories of staff working in Targeted Interventions TI) programs under State AIDS Control Socieities.
  • In Manipur, 157 similar trainings were conducted.
  • STRC Plan for 2015-16 includes scheduling and condcting of all the above;


~ Ms. Vizhodenu Savi, Training Coordinator, CIHSR, Dimapur, Nagaland.